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The Paper Escape Collection

Paper Escape is a curated collection of beautiful video game art books.

Instituted to be a free, ever-expanding industry resource, any or all of the books in the collection are available on loan for use at relevant exhibitions, conventions, game launches, mental health initiatives, open days, community events or expos.

The three primary aims of the collection are to promote positive gaming culture, improve gamers’ mental health, and educate readers on the crucial role of artists in the game development process.

Display cubes, book stands, a trolley for transportation, and an expo kit (which includes hi-viz vest, cleaning products and more), are also included in the resource.

The collection currently resides in the Collaboration Space at The Arcade development hub in Melbourne, where it’s enjoyed by over 70 game developers and game business professionals.

The Paper Escape Collection is an independent altruistic initiative, coordinated by Drew Taylor, and relies on the donation of books by individuals, groups, and game and book publishers.


AFK Room, PAX Australia 2016
The Paper Escape collection had its inaugural outing at the Take This AFK Room at PAX Australia 2016, November 4-6. The AFK room was a quiet, safe space dedicated to giving gamers at PAX Australia a chance to find calm and support amid the stress of the convention.

The following books are in The Paper Escape Collection, along with details of who donated the books. Books without a designated donor were added to the collection by curator, Drew Taylor.

Gaming Art Books
1. The Art of Alien Isolation, Titan Books.
2. The Art of Watch Dogs, Titan Books.
3. The Art of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, Titan Books. Donated by Jason Haines.
4. The Art of Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, Titan Books. Donated by anonymous.
5. The Art of Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Titan Books.
6. The Art of Assassin’s Creed III, Titan Books.
7. The Art of Tom Clancy’s The Division, Titan Books. Donated by Jacob Exner.
8. The Art of Total War, Titan Books. Donated by anonymous.
9. The Art of Doom, Dark Horse Books. Donated by anonymous.
10. Angry Birds: Hatching a Universe, Insight Editions.
11. The Art of Broken Age, Dark Horse Books.
12. The Art of Total War, Titan Books. Donated by John Werner.
13. Crysis 2 Nano Edition Artbook, Crytech. Donated by Jess Hodgson.
14. Ryse: Son of Rome. Donated by James Kozanecki.
15. The Art of Mass Effect, Prima Games.
16. The Art of TitanFall, Titan Books.
17. Deco Devolution: The Art of Bioshock 2. Donated by Adam Mathew.
18. The Art of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Dark Horse Books.
19. The Art of Rise of the Tomb Raider, Titan Books.
20. Limited Edition The Art of Doom, Dark Horse Books. Donated by Bethesda ANZ.
21. The Art of Atari, Dynamite Books. Donated by Andrew Parker.
22. The Art of Brutal Legend, Udon Books.
23. The Art of Re:Core, Dark Horse Books.
24. The Art of Evolve, Insight Editions.
25. Street Fighter: Eternal Challenge, Udon Books.
26. The Art of Halo 5 Guardians, Insight Editions.
27. The Art of Destiny, Insight Editions.
28. Dofus 10 Years Anniversary Artbook, Ankama. Donated by Lachlan Cartland.
29. The Art of Splatoon, Dark Horse Books.

1. IKEA Tutemo wall cabinet, Grey.
2. IKEA Tutemo wall cabinet, Grey.
3. Toplift Aluminium Extendable (150 kg capacity) hand trolley for transportation.
4. Acrylic book stand.
5. Acrylic book stand.


Officially, The Paper Escape Collection has three aims (outlined briefly above). But, for me, it really only has one: to share something I love and am passionate about with others. For quite a few years now, video game art books have filled my life with joy, peace, beauty, creativity and inspiration. They are my favourite aspect of games culture, providing a window into the development process and the vision that exists at the heart of a game; and the chance to be engrossed in a game world without turning on a console or staring at a screen. Twenty, 50, 100 years from now, these books will not have lost any of their relevance, be any less beautiful, or have become any less important. (If anything, they will become even more important and valuable!)

The idea for creating the collection, however, came from visiting the Take This AFK room at PAX Australia 2015. Created as a safe space and a place of calm amidst the stress and bustle of a large scale expo, the room provided a wonderful refuge for gamers and attendees wishing to ‘escape’ or find support. For those that wanted to do something, there were ‘mindfulness’ colouring-in books, but as a not-for-profit organised space, resources appeared limited. I began wondering if there was anything I could do to help, and what resources might make sense being in a space like that. The answer was soon obvious and I was determined that by PAX Australia 2016, I would have a video game art book collection available for Take This to use as a free resource. Through the many generous donations of books and time by others, that was made possible.

The intent now is to keep expanding the resource and see it widely used as often as possible.

To that end, a very special thanks again to all who have helped this small altruistic initiative become a reality.


If you would like to utilise The Paper Escape Collection at a local (Australian) event, please contact Drew Taylor via email ( Feel free to also email suggestions, information on discounted art books or deals, or event feedback.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
– Matthew 11:28

This page was last updated on 16 August, 2017.