Author: Drew

  • Another post

    Qantic Dream’s 2005 game, Fahrenheit, left an indelible mark on me. The mental health mechanic it uses, and the way even the smallest actions. Something else.

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  • Moving on Versus Making it Better

    When you work on marketing or PR campaigns, typically you don’t get to go back and continually refine what you do. Everything moves forward: pre-launch, to launch, to post launch, to the next game on the slate. You learn to do the best you can, then move on. Hopefully, take some small learnings from title […]

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  • Project: Toll (aka DARK CaiTLIN)

    Project: Toll (aka DARK CaiTLIN)

    Nine weeks or so ago, I was sitting in a hospital bed, sharing a small room with a woman who had just been told that cancer had entered her brain and lungs, and she would die; she had two, maybe three, months to live. Attempting to give her–and her many friends and family members that came […]

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